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Estate Planning Grand Rapids

Estate Planning

Your goals, your plans, your wishes and dreams are the starting point.  When I clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish, I will suggest the best legal documents and procedures to accomplish those goals.  In general, our goals are to provide for you during life, and after death, provide for your beneficiaries.

Typically, everything can be done in one convenient office conference. We discuss what protections you already have in place and what is important to make improvements. We review the different functions of a will and a trust, and the limitations, benefits, and detriments of each.  We will discuss documents such as Last Will and Testament, Living Trusts, forms of real property ownership, Medical Power of Attorney, and Durable Power of Attorney.  These documents can be helpful to avoid the need of an expensive and intrusive guardianship or lengthy probate proceedings.  You will feel secure knowing your “estate” is in order.

Estate Administration

We discuss and plan the best way to accomplish administration of the estate.  In some cases, either no administration is necessary, or a simple, inexpensive, and quick summary administration can accomplish everything.  In those cases where formal administration is necessary, we still discuss and plan the best way to expeditiously administer the estate.  I handle all types of administrations throughout the State of Michigan.



Elder Law

In general, Americans are living longer and as they grow older planning for the future becomes increasingly important.  We will assist you in navigating complex issues concerning the areas of Medicaid/Nursing Home planning, Guardianship (When is it necessary and when is it not necessary), Special Needs Planning in addition to the more common Estate Planning objectives.  You will need sound legal advice and representation from an attorney you can trust to put your best interests first.  Thankfully for those in West Michigan, Craig A. Bruggink PLC is at your service.


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