Update Your Will


Reasons to Update Your Will/Trust

1. Changes in your family

2. Changes in Assets

3. Changes in Location

4. Regular Check Ups

5. Changes in Tax Laws

Your Will/Trust is an important document. It ensures that your family, friends and the causes you believe in are provided for after your death.

A few things to consider as you review your Will/Trust

•  Birth or adoption of a child/grandchild

•  Marriage/divorce

•  Death of someone named in your will/trust

•  Children have reached the age of eighteen

•  A change in the circumstances of your executor, guardians, trustees, etc.

•  You would like to provide for a charitable or other organization

•  A significant increase or decrease in the value of your estate

•  You have started a business

•  A change in tax laws

•  You are approaching the age at which you are required to begin taking distributions

from your IRA, 401(k), or other qualified plan (usually 70 years old)

•  You have moved out of state

•  It has been three years or more since you have reviewed your will/trust




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